Hi, I am Rohan Salave

I am a freelancer Designer

I have been designing websites for over 5 years now. I mostly work on WordPress and Shopify to create beautiful, functional websites. I have a deep understanding of web design principles and can help you meet your business needs by creating an effective website that will engage your customers.

Get to Know Me

About Me

Hi there! I’m Rohan, and I’m so excited you’re here.

I’m a web designer with a deep love for WordPress and Shopify. You know how everyone is all about functional beauty? Well, I think something’s missing from the equation. Where’s the fun? Where’s the joy? When you look at something that combines function and beauty, shouldn’t it make you smile? Shouldn’t it feel like a little gift to yourself just to look at it?

That’s what I’m all about. And that’s what I want to bring to your next big project.

Things i'm Good at

Problems Ufiny Studio Solves

  • Customers can’t find us online
  • Customers don’t understand what we do / how we’re different
  • Customers don’t trust us
  • Customers can’t buy online from us
  • Customers can’t book services online
  • Customers can’t find the right information
  • We don’t show up on google
  • We don’t capture enough leads
  • Not enough visitors are converting
  • We need to impress potential employees / investors
  • The website looks bad on mobile
  • We look outdates
  • Our website is hard to maintain
  • Our website is not compliant with regulation
  • Our competitors have better websites
  • We don’t look premium /big/ innovative… enough
  • New marketing manager needs to make an impact
  • Client feels ashamed showing the website to prospects/friends

My Skillset

Custom WordPress Website

I turn your vision into a beautiful, high-converting website that helps your ideal clients buy from you.


I write all the words that go on your website so you don’t have to waste time staring at a blank screen.

Complete Ecommerce Website

I will create a shopify website for your ecommerce business with custom design, mobile responsive, SEO optimized and custom configurations.

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